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‘No Tag Day for CTV Is Required’

May 25, 2009 9:55 AM | Columns

CJOB news director Vic Grant‘s latest ‘Excuse Me’ blog post targets what most media are discussing in their inner circles right now — the idea of saving conventional television.

Grant is one of those — along with many others — who does not sympathize with CTV when it comes to getting a bailout.

Save Local - CTVThey want us viewers to pay for their problems. The local CTV station, which, incidentally is the cream of the local crop, held a meet and greet over the weekend trying to recruit support. The effort fell flat on its face. Didn’t CTV, through its holding , spend ridiculously to secure the Hockey Night in Canada Theme. And then the topper, CTV buying the broadcasting rights for the Winter Olympics, a multi-million dollar investment. And CTV wants each Canadian household to pitch in and save a few of its television stations?

Read and listen to the rest of Vic Grant’s post.