‘No Tag Day for CTV Is Required’

‘No Tag Day for CTV Is Required’

CJOB news director Vic Grant‘s latest ‘Excuse Me’ blog post targets what most media are discussing in their inner circles right now — the idea of saving conventional television.

Grant is one of those — along with many others — who does not sympathize with CTV when it comes to getting a bailout.

Save Local - CTVThey want us viewers to pay for their problems. The local CTV station, which, incidentally is the cream of the local crop, held a meet and greet over the weekend trying to recruit support. The effort fell flat on its face. Didn’t CTV, through its holding , spend ridiculously to secure the Hockey Night in Canada Theme. And then the topper, CTV buying the broadcasting rights for the Winter Olympics, a multi-million dollar investment. And CTV wants each Canadian household to pitch in and save a few of its television stations?

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