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National Fist Bump Day? You Better Believe It!

May 29, 2009 5:32 AM | Columns

By Brian Schultz

Obama Fist BumpOn June 3, 2008, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took part in what soon became a national phenomenon — fist bumping. Dubbed as “the fist bump heard ’round the world,” putting the bump on a national stage soon became the ‘cool’ thing to do.

No one knows if it was actually Obama who started the craze, or perhaps comedian Howie Mandel, with his fear of shaking hands due to germs.

Whatever the case, Wednesday, June 3 of this year marks National Fist Bump Day. No one knows what kind of activities are planned, if any, but the day will most likely include a lot of folks bumping knuckles.

Image credit: Craig Lassig / EPA