Sephora Finally Opens, Global Girls Go Bananas

Sephora Finally Opens, Global Girls Go Bananas

A famous beauty outlet and cosmetic retail giant is opening today at Polo Park Shopping Centre.

Sephora — the France-based store which women go crazy for — opens its doors at 10 a.m. sharp. The 5,000 square-foot store boasts 13,000 products from over 200 brands (I had to look all of this up obviously).

Thursday’s Global newscast gave viewers a sneak peak inside before the official grand opening. female viewers can watch the story below.

[flv: 425 300]

Sure, the store seems impressive, but what was more of an interest to me was how gaga the ladies from Global TV were going over it.

Take a look at some of their tweets on Twitter throughout the day:

Sephora - Global TV Twitter

Hmm, now to find out how badly Andrea Slobodian punished her credit card.




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