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CURVE 94.3’s Charity Bear Shred Raises $2K

June 3, 2009 8:45 AM | News

CURVE 94.3 Bear Shred

Tuesday morning’s “Charity Bear Shred” raised $2,000 for the Manitoba Moose Yearling Foundation.

Local radio station CURVE 94.3 put on the two-hour event in front of their studio on Pembina Highway to rally support behind the Moose before they took on the Hershey Bears last night. By the way, the Moose won 3-1, in case you didn’t hear.

Fans came down with stuffed bears and other plush animals to toss into a wood chipper, with CURVE donating $5 for each one that was shredded.

“We raised a lot of cash in a short period of time with our unique ‘recycling’ efforts. There were definitely a lot of surprised faces as they saw exactly how we turned those old teddy bears into cash. All in all I’d say that’s a successful morning,” Program Director Andrew Long said.

View the photo gallery below.

Submitted photos by Andrew Long of CURVE 94.3

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