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Idea for “Giveaway Weekends” Picking Up Steam

June 4, 2009 8:00 AM | Columns

Free StuffOn Wednesday the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) encouraged Manitoba politicians to take a look at a successful ‘green’ initiative modelled after the City of Ottawa.

The idea from out east proclaims “Giveaway Weekends,” where citizens are urged to place any unwanted goods on the curb instead of throwing them out. This not only promotes recycling, but it’s an environmental alternative that can benefit others. The twice per year event sees signs reading ‘free’ placed on items that are no longer wanted, but still have some life in them. Some have even dubbed it “free-cycling.”

Ottawa paid about $23,000 in advertising costs to promote the idea, but CTF Manitoba Director Colin Craig hopes optimistic media participation could make the activity a success without using any tax dollars. I’m sure bloggers would be behind it — you can already count this website to be in.

ChrisD.ca didn’t report this story when it became available yesterday, but our readers felt compelled to share their opinion on it, as they often do on a number of issues.

Some of the e-mails that were received:

I heard about the Taxpayer Federation’s give away weekend idea, and I think it’s wonderful. Similar to the recent e-waste depots, there are so many useful items out there that people don’t want that could benefit others. We need to really get behind this idea and make sure City Council gets the message.


I’m writing in regards to the free recycling of unwanted goods idea today. Who would I contact to make sure my voice is heard and that I support this issue? Although selling my own junk in a garage sale would be preferred, I wouldn’t mind picking up some free items myself.

Connor T.

I’m sure many Winnipeggers echo Connor’s opinion on getting some free stuff. I don’t know the exact statistic, but doesn’t Manitoba have the highest rate of garage sales per capita throughout Canada? That may be a little off, but the idea of citizens in our city getting something for free, or next to nothing, has always been very popular with the majority of the population. The fact that we could soon see another program that benefits the environment and keeps goods out of landfills is very pleasing, not to mention a responsible thing to do.