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Canadian High Schools Flunk History

June 17, 2009 7:09 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Canadian History

The Canadian History Report Card came out earlier this week and Manitoba did not fair too well. The Dominion Institute of Canada released the data, which gives each province a grade based on the quality of its Canadian history curriculum at the high school level.

Unfortunately, nobody received an A+, with the highest grade given being a B+.

      Quebec:               B+  (1st place)
      British Columbia:     B   (2nd place)
      Ontario:              B   (3rd place)
      Manitoba:             B-  (4th place)
      Nova Scotia:          C+  (5th place)
      New Brunswick:        C-  (6th place)
      Alberta:              F   (7th place)
      Saskatchewan:         F   (8th place)
      Newfoundland and
       Labrador:            F   (9th place - tied)
      Prince Edward Island: F   (9th place - tied)

    Territories received the following grades:

      Yukon:                B   (1st place)
      Nunavut:              D   (2nd place)
       Territories:         F   (3rd place)


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