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Free Press Reporter Banished from CFS Custody Trial

June 25, 2009 4:30 PM | News

Manitoba Law CourtsWinnipeg Free Press crime reporter Mike McIntyre has been removed from covering the high-profile CFS custody case going on currently in our city. Queen’s Bench Justice Marianne Rivoalen said on Thursday that McIntyre violated the publication ban when he published the name of a psychologist who performed a parental assessment. Although, the lawyer for the paper makes note that the doctor which they named had no connection to the family, and was a “professional” witness. “I’ve always been so careful with courts orders, bans, etc, in 14 years of covering crime and justice,” McIntyre said on Twitter.

Another reporter for the Free Press will be taking McIntyre’s place for the duration of the trial.

CJOB was also reprimanded for making the same mistake, but were not banished from covering the trial.

The judge also ordered both media outlets to write letters of apology to all parties involved in the case.

Earlier this month, Global National was on the hot seat when it violated the publication ban by identifying parties involved in the case. A fine of $50,000 for that error could still be handed out.