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Winnipeg’s Parking Rates Lower Than Country’s Average

June 25, 2009 6:38 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Canadian Parking Rates

The cost to park your car in downtown Winnipeg went up a few months ago — 72% to be exact. Along with the brief period when the public complained about the rates, we were still one of the cities in Canada with cheaper rates than those in other metropolitan areas.

Several months later, new numbers released by Colliers International — a commercial real estate consultancy — show Winnipeg is still among the few cities in the country with the least expensive parking, averaging $190 per month. Compared to Vancouver, where finding a parking spot is prime real estate, we only pay $34 less per month.

On average, Canadians pay about $17.78 a day to park, according to a survey released on Wednesday. Monthly parking rates hit an average of $222.75.

Calgary drivers pay the most at $460 per month, but the only city in North America with higher parking fees than Calgary is New York.

Parking rates in Canada have gone up continually over the last six years, compared with the U.S., which has seen rates fall slightly.

Although, Canadian drivers shouldn’t complain too quickly. We still don’t pay as much as those in Britain, where the average price of a monthly parking pass in London is $1,353.

— With files from the Globe and Mail

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