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Four Major Routes Get Traffic Signal Synchronization

July 2, 2009 11:12 AM | News

TrafficThe City announced today that as part of the $2.3 million invested in 2008 to improve traffic flow and decrease travel time, traffic signal synchronization will be completed on the following four major routes by the end of this year:

Bishop Grandin Boulevard – Lagimodiere Boulevard to Kenaston Boulevard
Lagimodiere Boulevard – North City limit to the south City limit
Main Street – Higgins Avenue to the north City limit
Pembina Highway – Osborne Street / Corydon Avenue to the south City limit

In total, 65 signalized intersections will see synchronization along the routes highlighted above.

The work along Lagimodiere Boulevard and Main Street has already been completed, with Pembina Highway scheduled to be complete within the next few weeks. Synchronization of traffic signals on Bishop Grandin Boulevard will be done after Phase 2 of the Fort Garry Bridges Project is completed.

Work is also being carried out to implement timing plans of each traffic signal to improve the flow of traffic at 76 signalized intersections along:

St. Mary’s Road – Main Street to Warde Avenue
St. Anne’s Road – St. Mary’s Road to Aldgate Sreet
Portage Avenue – Broadway to Street Charles Road
McPhillips Street – Notre Dame Avenue to Templeton Avenue

The testing of advanced vehicle sensing equipment will also be carried out. This includes video cameras and wireless sensors to detect vehicles. These new sensors replace the traffic loop detectors presently in the pavement.