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Mosquito Battle Rages On After Recent Wet Weather

July 3, 2009 10:08 AM | News

MosquitoLast weekend’s heavy rainfall has left many temporary pools of standing water, and this has created ideal larval habitat for mosquitoes to breed, the City of Winnipeg said today. Paired with the warmer temperatures as well, the city’s Insect Control Branch continues with its larviciding program.

The majority of the standing water sites are reported to have moderate to high levels of mosquito larvae. However, current weather conditions have allowed crews both on the ground and in the air to make progress within Winnipeg and the surrounding 10 km area.

The city-wide Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA) rating remains at medium. A medium AFA level means that the Insect Control Branch will undertake residual treatments in localized areas with permethrins, an environmentally friendly product made from the chrysanthemum flower, when the adult mosquito population begins to emerge.

Information on nuisance mosquito trap counts, as well as other AFA factors is available at Winnipeg.ca/bugline.

— With files from a news release