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Refresher Course on Bicycle Hand Signals

July 6, 2009 6:05 AM | Columns

By Sarah Klein

Now that summer is here and more people are opting to ride their bicycles, either for physical fitness or just to enjoy the outdoors, I thought I’d post a friendly reminder on the proper hand signals.

I’ve seen a few close calls over the past few weeks where cyclists either don’t know their signals, or motorists can’t understand them. The latest example happened near Stafford Avenue where a cyclist put out her left arm pointing up (signaling a right turn), when a motorist deliberately stepped on the gas and passed her on the right, which was nearly a fatal collision.

Have a look at the graphic below and familiarize yourself with the proper procedures. Whether you’re a cyclist or a motorist — let’s all be safe this summer.

Bicycle Hand Signals

Image credit: Public Health Agency of Canada


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