Refresher Course on Bicycle Hand Signals

Refresher Course on Bicycle Hand Signals

By Sarah Klein

Now that summer is here and more people are opting to ride their bicycles, either for physical fitness or just to enjoy the outdoors, I thought I’d post a friendly reminder on the proper hand signals.

I’ve seen a few close calls over the past few weeks where cyclists either don’t know their signals, or motorists can’t understand them. The latest example happened near Stafford Avenue where a cyclist put out her left arm pointing up (signaling a right turn), when a motorist deliberately stepped on the gas and passed her on the right, which was nearly a fatal collision.

Have a look at the graphic below and familiarize yourself with the proper procedures. Whether you’re a cyclist or a motorist — let’s all be safe this summer.

Bicycle Hand Signals

Image credit: Public Health Agency of Canada




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