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City Begins Pothole Patching & Street Sweeping

July 6, 2009 2:18 PM | News

By Brian Schultz


Pothole repairs on residential streets are currently underway, the city said today. Pothole patching crews will be out in full force working extended hours over the next four weeks.

If you spot a pothole, you’re encouraged to report it by either calling 311, or emailing the location of the pothole to 311@winnipeg.ca

$1.6 million has been set aside in the City’s annual budget for pothole patching activities.

Besides potholes, summer street sweeping activities have also been initiated about a month early. Local collector streets and residential streets will be the target of the sweep, and is in addition to the regular weekly sweeping that takes place on our Regional streets throughout the summer.

“We are urging residents not to rake grass clippings, leaves or other debris onto the streets, as they can plug the street drains,” said Bruce McPhail, Manager of Streets Maintenance.”

Street sweeping will continue for at least the next four weeks, and is expected to cost approximately $250,000.

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