Citytv Cans Terri Apostle and Jimmy Mac

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Terri Apostle - Jimmy Mac - Citytv Fired

Local morning TV hosts Terri Apostle and Jimmy Mac won’t be waking you up from now on. The “Breakfast Television” hosts were let go from Citytv on Thursday.

Late Thursday night, Jimmy took to his Twitter page to thank Winnipeg for the past seven years. He also noted in his profile as being a ‘former’ TV host. The Citytv website was also quick to remove both of their photos and any mention of the two.

A source at Citytv said that this was a complete shock to everyone. As for who will be replacing Terri and taking over her duties alongside Jon Ljungberg, has learned it will most likely be Jenna Khan. Reporter Heather Steele will assume Khan’s role as weather anchor.

On July 6, the CRTC ordered cable companies to pay more to broadcasters to fund local television. While Citytv is owned by Rogers Communications, which is both a cable operator and a broadcaster, it’s not clear if these firings are related to that decision or not.

A source tells that management wanted to take the morning show in a “new direction.” There’s also speculation of personality conflicts between big wigs and the staff. More details will likely become available on Friday when Citytv holds a morning meeting regarding their plans moving forward.

Rogers told us they don’t comment publicly on specific personnel matters, but noted that the company is still evaluating the impact on their business regarding the CRTC decision.

UPDATE: Friday, July 10, 7:45 a.m. — We just heard from Terri who said she had a job offer within hours of the news, and has some other projects in the works. For now though, she’ll be enjoying her summer and has the option to take a gig in the fall. Hopefully we will be seeing her back on Winnipeg TV very shortly.

Terri Apostle at a music festival on Corydon Avenue Friday, June 12, 2009. (Photo: Evans)




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