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Deals on Dentures at U of M

July 10, 2009 6:42 AM | News

DenturesIn the market for some new dentures? The University of Manitoba can help you out. The Faculty of Dentistry’s Denture Program is providing patients with the opportunity to receive a new set of dentures at a discounted rate, approximately 50% of the Manitoba Dental Association Fee Guide.

Under the guidance and direction of instructors, students in the third and fourth years of their doctorate program will provide patients with a fitting treatment. Insurance carriers are also welcome. Dr. Lawrence Stockton, Associate Dean (Clinical) of the Faculty of Dentistry, said that community members are encouraged to participate as they play an important role in the university’s academic program.

The Faculty of Dentistry operates a full-service oral health facility at the Main Clinic located at 790 Bannatyne Ave. Interested participants are invited to call 789-3505 and arrange a personal screening appointment.

Image credit: DentaCareClinic.com