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Swiss Company Developing Melt-Resistant, Low-Calorie Chocolate

July 18, 2009 7:58 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

ChocolateA Swiss chocolate manufacturer has come up with a melt-resistant and low-calorie chocolate recipe. Believe it.

Barry Callebaut has developed ‘Vulcano,’ the code name for the new product, which has 90% fewer calories than the average chocolate product. It’s also heat-resistant to temperatures up to 55°C (131°F). Most chocolate tends to melt beginning at 20°C.

As for the name of the chocolate, the company says Vulcano refers to the idea that you can eat it when it’s hot. It’s texture also features several bubbles, resembling volcanic rock.

You can look forward to seeing this new type of chocolate on store shelves in about two years, the company said.

And no need to worry about not having the chocolate melt in your mouth, because that part remains the same. Enzymes in saliva will cause the chocolate to melt and dissolve, rather than the heat itself.

— With files from Guardian.co.uk.

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