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Winnipeg Woman Sues Nightclub Over 2007 Shooting

July 28, 2009 5:50 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Law Courts Gavel ScalesA woman who was shot outside a downtown Winnipeg nightclub is taking the former owners to court.

Lynda Cave was standing outside Metro Nightlife on Garry Street in July 2007 when she was shot three times. She was an innocent bystander, and was simply waiting for a ride. A man walked up and fired seven rounds into the crowd of people in front of the club. Cave suffered wounds to both of her arms in the incident.

According to court documents obtained by ChrisD.ca, Cave is suing Arnold Lanuza and John Wilson Graham for not providing a safe environment for patrons. The club has since changed names and owners, and a statement of defense hasn’t yet been filed.

Cave is also taking action against the two suspects who were detained in police custody in relation to the shooting — a now 26-year-old man and a now 21-year-old man.

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