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Silver-Haired Bat Finds a Home in Cedar Tree

July 29, 2009 8:05 AM | Photos

North Kildonan resident Elamine Soufi writes…

Hi there something interesting and funny occurred yesterday. My boy Liam (10yrs) stepped outside the front door and heard a hissing sound . He came in and told me that there was a snake in the flower bed which is located beside the front door. I went and checked and also heard a hissing sound. I quickly discovered that a Silver -Haired Bat took up residence in my little Cedar. I have taken several photos and video of it hanging upside down in this little Cedar. It is still presently there. Here are some pics.


Bat Bat

According to Wikipedia, the silver-haired bat is believed to be scarce, and generally weigh between 8-12 g. Besides making homes for themselves in Canada, the bats also frequent the United States, Mexico and Bermuda.

Submitted photos by Elamine Soufi

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