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Mosquito Battle Successful to Date, City Says

July 30, 2009 10:22 AM | News

MosquitoThe City’s fight against the mosquito population has been successful, as the larviciding program continues to roll on. However, as cooler temperatures have caused trap counts to drop below average, there has been an increase in the adult nuisance mosquito population in some areas of the city.

As for the Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA), which includes trap counts, the City says the rating remains at a Medium level.

If conditions suddenly change and fogging is required, the public will receive a 48-hour notice. For the Insect Control Branch to consider fogging, there are several factors which need to be met. The AFA rating needs to be High, the city-wide trap count threshold of 25 female mosquitoes must be met for 3 consecutive nights, and one or more of the traps in the city must have at least 100 female mosquitoes in it. At this time, the average trap count in Winnipeg is 11.

For more information visit Winnipeg.ca/bugline