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Tips to Protect Your Pet from Hot Weather

August 12, 2009 1:55 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Winnipeg Humane Society

The Winnipeg Humane Society is urging pet owners to take extra precautions to protect their pets from the sweltering temperatures today.

Leaving your dog inside a vehicle — even for a short period of time — can be fatal. Temperatures inside the vehicle can reach over 50°C with the windows cracked.

The WHS is asking you to leave your dog inside on days like today, but if that’s not possible, make sure a cold supply of water is provided and a dog house or shelter are nearby.

In addition, follow these tips to keep your pet safe this summer:

  • Keep outdoor activity to a minimum during the hottest parts of the day, going for walks only in the early mornings or evenings.
  • Remember that asphalt can get very hot and burn your pet’s paws.
  • Pay special attention to older dogs, short-nosed dogs and those with thick coats as they will be most affected by the heat.
  • Don’t take your pet with you to the beach in the middle of a hot day.