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Folklorama’s Group Tours Break Record

August 17, 2009 5:39 AM | Entertainment

FolkloramaThis year’s Folklorama might not have broken an attendance record, but the number of group tours certainly did.

121 group tours were welcomed during the two week event, which is up by 13 from last year. The figure included 42 VIP World Tour groups and 21 group tours from the U.S.

In total, almost half a million visitors took part in Folklorama’s 40th year — 442,000 to be exact. The kick-off at The Forks on August 1 brought in 14,000 more people than normal.

Folklorama may be over, but organizers are already planning the next stage, which includes using the $400,000 grant from Industry Canada’s Marquee Tourism Events Program to take the show on the road to promote the multicultural event in the U.S.

Next year’s Folklorama runs from August 1 to 14.