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St. Adolphe Bridge Could be Demolished

August 25, 2009 6:19 AM | News

St. Adolphe Bridge

Provincial officials are considering taking action against the crumbling Highway 210 bridge to St. Adolphe, which sits above the Red River.

On August 21, the bridge was closed due to shifting several feet within just days. Since that time, it’s taken a turn for the worst and sunk even further.

Now there’s talk about using a “controlled demolition” to take out part of the bridge using dynamite.

The dynamite method hasn’t been confirmed yet, but a spokesperson tells ChrisD.ca that it’s being “seriously considered” as a way to reduce the risk of the entire bridge crumbling on its own, which would be uncontrolled.

That being said, put some fresh batteries in your camera just in case, because you know that this will be a scene you won’t want to miss.

We’ll keep you posted.

Image credit: Tereina N. (via CBC.ca)

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