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St. Adolphe Bridge to be Partially Dismantled

August 27, 2009 3:20 PM | News

St. Adolphe Bridge

Provincial officials announced today plans to partially dismantle the Pierre Delorme Bridge near St. Adolphe. The bridge has stabilized since being closed on August 21, which has allowed workers to move in closer to begin planning to use controlled charges.

The entire process is expected to take two weeks or more to complete.

Along with the controlled charges (dynamite), robotic equipment will be used.

At this point, the plan is moving forward, but that may change depending on the bridge’s movement.

Once the damaged parts of the bridge are safely removed, work will begin to repair the structure completely.

As for onlookers in the area, a provincial spokesperson tells ChrisD.ca that people can look from a safe distance, but 24/7 security has been deployed to make sure no one walks on or under the bridge.

Image credit: Tereina N. (via CBC.ca)