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Photo Radar on Bishop Grandin Still Confusing Motorists

August 28, 2009 7:04 AM | News

Photo Radar

A ChrisD.ca reader writes:

I used to think that if you got a ticket from the photo radar you deserved it. I recently got one and was prepared to pay the price until I looked a little closer. In the picture taken there was no evidence of construction at all. My speed was 76, so I was obviously either decreasing speed to approach the construction zone or accelerating to leave one. As far as the ticketers were concerned I didn’t slow down fast enough or I sped up too quickly. I’m all for ticketing those who deserve it…but come on! Lets punish those who put others’ lives in danger…not bend the truth to ticket as many people as possible.
Now i see why some people feel this is a cash grab.


We checked with the city regarding this specific situation. A spokesperson said, “There is an ongoing Capital Project on eastbound Bishop Grandin Boulevard between Lakewood Boulevard and Lagimodiere Boulevard. The curb lane is closed in this area for construction and they are scheduled to be paving next week. The lane closure is expected to flip from the curb lane to the median lane after the long weekend so that the median lane can be rehabilitated. There is a full time 60 km/h speed limit in effect in the construction zone in consideration of the proximity of workers and barricades to moving traffic and differences in roadway elevations due to construction.”

These are similar circumstances to what the city told us back in June regarding photo radar being present on Bishop Grandin near the Pembina Highway offramp. Now you know.