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Internet Addiction Clinic Opens in U.S.

September 8, 2009 4:45 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

ComputerThe first Internet addiction clinic in the United States recently opened just outside of Seattle, WA. reSTART is a recovery program, which takes in up to six patients at a time for 45 days of therapy.

Internet addicts are separated from computers, televisions and any other electronic device that could grasp their attention. The time is spent by getting to know the other patients, exercising, doing household chores and generally socializing in a friendly environment. The therapy doesn’t come cheap — at $14,000 it’s a bit pricey and unless you’re a heavy addict, might not be worth the cost.

reSTART offers potential patients a questionnaire to fill out, which conveniently enough, is done online. Only those that report severe Internet addiction are accepted due to the long waiting list.

One of their former patients spent 17-18 hours per day playing video games and eventually forfeited his marriage and two jobs.

As for Internet addiction being classified as a mental illness, some doctors are urging it to be grouped into that category.

— With files from AOL News