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How Fast Do Mosquitoes Drop After Fogging?

September 9, 2009 7:05 AM | News

A ChrisD.ca reader writes:

MosquitoI live on Sharp Blvd, we were apparently fogged last night (Friday, Sept. 4), my husband went to work outside this evening and was covered in mosquitoes within seconds and that was while standing in our gravel driveway. I think they either missed our backlane or were driving too damn fast to do any good. I’ve heard that several people have the same complaint. I seriously hope that they do a second treatment, and this time actually kill the buggers. i’m sick of having to cover my kids in deet. but they have very bad reactions to the bite so I have no choice. Please let me know if another fogging of our area will be done SOON!!!


Additional fogging of a particular area all depends on trap counts.

City Entomologist Taz Stuart tells ChrisD.ca, “When an area is treated with Malathion 95ULV, the effects are immediate on the mosquito population that is flying at the time.
One droplet kills the mosquito almost instantly, but because certain areas have higher densities of housing, vegetation density, temperature and winds; all of these factors affect the level of control on the flying mosquito population. As a general rule, after a treatment has been completed, you can expect approximately 70% of the mosquitoes being killed but the range of values, from research done at the City of Winnipeg has shown from 0% control to 100% and that provides the approximate average both here and in the literature using Malathion 95ULV. What this generally means is, once an area is treated, one can expect reduced numbers for several days, then due to natural migration, numbers would increase but to a lesser level than previously attained.”