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Andrea Slobodian — From Mosquitoes to Chinooks

September 16, 2009 2:50 PM | News

Andrea Slobodian - Shaw TV

Global TV weather gal Andrea Slobodian is on the move. After two years at Global, she has accepted a job with Shaw TV Calgary (that’s the building above) and will be their first ever weather anchor. Gone will be the days when a standard temperature reading appears on the bottom of the screen for Calgarians. The deal was just finalized earlier today.

As for the move itself, Andrea tells ChrisD.ca it will be hard to leave Winnipeg, as most of her family and friends are here. But according to Shaw’s website, working there is like being with family, so she’ll probably be just fine.

Her last day on the air locally will be Friday, September 25. As for taking her famous “…And that’s your forecast” line with her, Andrea notes it’s a possibility.

There is no official replacement to take over the Global weather desk yet.

Good luck, Andrea!

ChrisD.ca photo/Global TV

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