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First Day of Autumn Rounds Out Miserable Summer

September 22, 2009 6:16 AM | Columns

Autumn Leaves

Some of you may have seen this post momentarily yesterday, which was due to the fact that my calendar read it was the first day of autumn, when it’s actually today.

You’d never know it by our unseasonably warm weekend that the seasons were about to change. After experiencing an unacceptable start to the vacation season, we were treated with a few weeks of warmer temps to round out summer.

Today marks the first day of autumn, and to quote some lines from “Seinfeld” — “First day of autumn. Leaves changing colours… beautiful colors… all that crap.”

Here’s to the summer that we never fully enjoyed. Now that we’re officially into fall, Environment Canada is making sure we don’t get any more treats. The temperatures are expected to hover around the low- to mid-20s this week — but at least we’ll have sunshine.

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