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Manitoba Declares Provincial Hunting Day

September 22, 2009 10:10 AM | Sports

By Brian Schultz

HuntingThe province announced today the fourth Saturday in September to be Provincial Hunting Day.

The initiative will feature a Hunting Appreciation Day at Whittier Park on Saturday, September 26.

“Hunting is a vital part of our rich natural heritage as Manitobans and our government is committed to ensuring this heritage continues to be recognized and embraced,” said Conservation Minister Stan Struthers. “Hunting is the foundation of wildlife management and ensures sustainable populations of game for the benefit of future generations. It is important to inform all Manitobans about the role hunting plays in wildlife management and conservation, as well as its cultural significance to Manitoba’s Aboriginal people.”

Perspective hunters are encouraged to take the online hunting exam operated by the Manitoba Wildlife Federation at www.hunterexam.com/canada/manitoba