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Local Safeway Store Dealing with Fruit Fly Problem

September 22, 2009 7:05 AM | News

SafewayIt’s a problem that most grocery stores and food warehouses deal with every year — fruit flies.

But one local store has been experiencing the problem on a drastic basis, according to ChrisD.ca readers. Shoppers say fruit flies have been infiltrating produce at the Grant Park Safeway store, including items in the bakery.

But don’t worry, Safeway tells us they are on top of the problem and have taken a number of steps to address it. Orkin Pest Control was brought in and has successfully been using red wine vinegar traps.

“We have cleared and cleaned all water drainage areas (coolers etc.), and from a food safety perspective, we also annually discontinue selling bulk items that attract fruit flies like donuts and muffins because of the high sugar content,” John Graham, public affairs manager of Safeway tells ChrisD.ca.

“Some of your readers may have noticed an increase of fruit flies in their kitchens over the past few weeks as well,” Graham added.

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