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Mike Kelly — Fast Food Indulgence is Bliss

September 24, 2009 6:19 AM | Sports

Coach Mike Kelly - June 17 2009Mike Kelly isn’t the most popular man in Winnipeg right now, with thousands of football fans calling for him to be fired. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that he spends most of his time in either his office, or condo.

“All the cash that I’ve gotten lately has been through drive-thru ATMs and most of the food that I’ve eaten has been handed to me through my car window,” Kelly said. Besides a losing team, it sounds like the coach’s diet is taking a beating too with fast food. Someone should bring him a fruit basket. “Not that I’m avoiding anything, but it’s just better for everybody else to enjoy their dinner without me walking in,” the rookie coach added. Not avoiding anything? With fans on the Internet vowing to “knee him in the face,” who wouldn’t want to stay home?

To add to the issue even more, the “Fire Mike Kelly” Facebook group is apparently trying to organize some sort of rally/protest for 8 a.m. Friday (tomorrow) morning at Portage and Main. The organizer said he wanted to stop traffic to send a message, but removed the thread discussing his plans a few hours after they were posted. No word on if the demonstration is still going ahead or not.

Another Facebook group has recently been started called, “Give Mike Kelly Some More Time.”

— With files from The Canadian Press