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First Ever Giveaway Weekend is Here

September 25, 2009 5:52 AM | News

Free StuffDust off the junk sitting in your basement that you no longer use — Giveaway Weekend is here.

The city’s first annual event — where residents can place unwanted goods on the curb — was first spearheaded by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation several months ago. The idea is to reduce waste in the landfill and recycle useful items. Some have even been calling it “free-cycling.”

There are a few rules you should familiarize yourself with first, just to make sure things go smoothly.

If you’re in the market for some golf paraphernalia, or travel luggage, you may want to head over to Mayor Sam Katz‘s place.

As for what some residents plan on giving away, we took to Twitter to find out:

ha where do i start? all of it lol! i give away for free but need to hire sum1 to help me move to the curb!! lol (@jay1023clearfm)

I am putting out an old pair of golf clubs, an old tv and lots of toys. (@Jimcottonwpg)

some old computer equipment. 386, 486 and a pentium system. not too useful any more but maybe good for a freebie. (@lengoldenstein)

More information about the initiative is available on the city’s website. Giveaway weekend is both Saturday and Sunday from dawn to dusk.