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First Giveaway Weekend a Success

September 28, 2009 7:03 AM | Columns

Giveaway WeekendWinnipeg’s first Giveaway Weekend was a success, according to those expressing their opinions on local blogs and other social media sites.

On Saturday and Sunday, residents put out items on the curb that they no longer had any use for. Winnipeggers drove up and down city streets collecting various treasures at no cost, ranging from sports equipment and electronics, to household furnishings and kitchenware.

We were following the Twitter feed over the weekend for the keywords ‘Winnipeg’ + ‘giveaway’ and most folks found River Heights to have the mother load of free items available. One resident claimed to have found a Nintendo game console that he says was under five years old. Another giveaway hunter picked up a complete set of dishes, including a serving set.

Global News interviewed St. Boniface councillor Dan Vandal on Saturday, who said he would see no reason why the city wouldn’t bring back Giveaway Weekend next year.

The idea was so popular with some, that it even sealed a future vote for Mayor Sam Katz in the next election according to this YouTube video.

While most of the free items available were of use to others, there were a couple that raised a few eyebrows. Lindsay Warner tweeted that she came across a box of jalapeno popcorn and some whiskey jars.

The first time for an event is always an opportunity to learn how to do it better next time. Some folks were complaining that people were coming by with trailers and loading up anything and everything. Some speculate that these items will turn up at garage sales across the city this weekend.

This local blog suggests three ways to improve on things, which include running it via select neighbourhoods, instead of city-wide.