Residents Could Save on Water Bill with City’s Credit Program

By Brian Schultz

ToiletCity residents looking to reduce their water bill will have a chance beginning Friday, October 16. The City of Winnipeg is offering customers that own or rent a single family home with a water account in their name a $60 credit on their bill if they replace an old water-guzzling toilet with a new dual flush toilet.

The annual savings for a typical residential home with a family of 4 is approximately $180. This equates to more than 14,600 litres of saved water per person per year.

To be eligible for the credit, customers must purchase a dual flush toilet on the city’s approved list after October 16, 2009, and recycle their old toilet at an approved toilet recycling depot.

For the application form, approved toilet list, eligibility criteria, and other program details, residents can call 311 or visit




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