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Global Can’t Afford Vacation Pay

October 13, 2009 3:55 PM | News

Exclusive Details

Global TV LogoFormer employees of Canwest Global Communications will not be receiving their vacation pay. The news broke today when a source at Global TV Winnipeg told ChrisD.ca the company doesn’t have sufficient funds under the creditor protection agreement.

Global apparently made several phone calls to former employees to let them know the bad news.

One former employee is owed $3,500, which includes banked time. Past staffers say they are filing claims with the creditor, but the union says they may not receive all the money that is owed.

On October 6, Canwest went into bankruptcy protection to stave off creditors, which are owed approximately $4 billion. The union representing employees is calling for pension and severance protection.

But if you thought Global wasn’t in a position to hire new talent, you’d be wrong. We’re hearing the station is hiring a new writer/producer to replace Lorraine Nickel, who moved into Meera Bahadoosingh‘s position when she left for Shaw TV.

With the amount of staff leaving the broadcaster to save their own butts, what the heck was Craig Larkins thinking when he decided to come back?