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Working Group to Look at Canadian Bus Service

October 22, 2009 5:45 PM | News

Greyhound Carry-On Luggage BanA national “working group” made up of deputy ministers will take a look at bus travel in rural communities after Greyhound threatened to pull out of Manitoba and Ontario several months ago.

Manitoba Transport Minister Ron Lemieux said today on a conference call with media that Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, John Baird, has recognized the troubles facing Greyhound and the importance to keep the bus service running throughout Canada.

Greyhound had previously said that after November 1, tickets will no longer be sold for their bus service in the province.

“There is no consensus with regard to any sort of subsidies for Greyhound,” Lemieux said, speaking from Vancouver.

In regards to any other bus line taking over should service be disrupted, there are no immediate plans in place. Caribou Coach, which services northwestern Ontario, may look at expanding into Manitoba should Greyhound pull out, but nothing has been confirmed.

Greyhound had previously asked for $15 million from the federal government to make up losses and prevent workers from being laid off. After the provincial government met with bus officials last month, layoffs were prevented.

Greyhound’s loss in Manitoba accounts for about $4 million annually.


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