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RBC’s Cruel Olympic Contest ‘Follow Up’

October 23, 2009 5:51 AM | News

2010 Vancouver Olympics - RBCThe Royal Bank of Canada is getting the hopes up of several thousand Canadians who entered to win a trip to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The bank has been running a contest on its website for an all-expenses paid trip to the games in February.

Most recently, RBC has been making calls to ‘follow up’ with those who entered making it sound like they have won. The calls begin in a similar manner, “Is this so and so? You entered a contest to win a trip to the Olympics a while ago…” At this point, customers are super stoked and are just waiting to hear the words, “You’ve won.” After building up the excitement, the rep asks the caller if they are interested in opening up a mortgage or applying for a loan to work on any “projects” before February 2010 to take advantage of the government’s tax credit on home renovations. After the majority of callers decline the offer, they ask the rep if they have won or not, and are then politely told they haven’t.

This little trick of RBC’s is meant to keep potential customers on the phone longer than they normally would be if they were given the mortgage sales pitch right off the bat.

The financial institution didn’t return an e-mail for comment on Thursday regarding the sales technique.

How cruel of you, RBC.