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Cheer Board Finds New Location for Hamper Drive

October 24, 2009 8:04 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Christmas Cheer Board

It will be a merry Christmas after all. For months now, the Christmas Cheer Board has been looking for a suitable spot large enough to house its annual operation. On Friday, their search came to an end.

The Cheer Board will be moving into a new 40-thousand square foot building at the Red River Exhibition.

The building will be large enough to hold all of the hampers and accommodate volunteers, who will most likely be shuttled in to help due to the location being outside city limits.

The last two seasons, the SIR Warehouse Sports Store in St. James acted as the Cheer Board’s command centre, but it was not available this year.

Set up at the new building west of Winnipeg will begin November 2.