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Sagkeeng Couple Collect Their Millions

November 10, 2009 1:20 PM | News

It was all cheers and good wishes for Manitoba’s newest millionaires Tuesday morning at a news conference at the Fort Garry Hotel.

Marie and Kirby Fontaine had a winning ticket, which was worth $50 million in last weekend’s Lotto Max draw — the biggest in Manitoba history.


The Sagkeeng First Nation couple took to the microphones to speak to the media about how their lives will, or will not, change. Kirby began to tear up at the beginning, appearing a bit overwhelmed with what was happening, while his wife Marie fielded more questions.

Making a reference to his t-shirt, Kirby said they will still shop at Walmart, while Marie said they plan on still eating at McDonald’s and Tim Hortons.

Asked if they plan on moving, the Fontaines said no, and that they will stay on the reserve with their family and friends.

The couple has two children, but said they wouldn’t be discussing them.

After the official press conference, the Fontaines were pulled aside for one-on-one interviews and live hits. After getting the most attention out of any Manitoban the last few days, the lucky winners are already learning all about the media. A CBC News Network cameraman began to explain to Marie an IFB (interruptible feedback) earpiece, but was interrupted with, “We’ve done this before.”

Referencing to the fact that they can now finally have high-speed Internet access, Kirby said, “No more dial-up.”

The first thing some of the winnings will be used for will be to get the best care possible for Kirby, 40, who suffered a stroke earlier this year.

Our camera never shut off during the event. (WATCH RAW VIDEO)

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