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New Screen Gives Hospital Patients Wait Times

November 17, 2009 4:04 PM | News

Seven Oaks Waiting Room Board

Seven Oaks Waiting Room BoardThe emergency department at Seven Oaks General Hospital is the first in the city to be part of a new WRHA pilot project to show patients expected wait times.

The new electronic information board draws on up-to-date information from the emergency department information system to provide details on the number of patients in the waiting room, average time patients have been waiting, longest time a patient currently in the waiting room has been waiting, and the average time patients now receiving treatment waited to see a doctor.

The cost of the project, which included planning and background work by technical staff, along with the equipment, cost under $9,700, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said.

The Seven Oaks pilot will be evaluated, including patient feedback, and changes may be made to further enhance the system.

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