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Selinger Government Brings Something for Everybody

December 1, 2009 7:24 AM | News

The Manitoba NDP government delivered their 11th Speech from the Throne Monday afternoon and it didn’t take the opposition long to pounce.

Greg Selinger - Hugh McFadyen

Official Opposition Leader Hugh McFadyen says he is disappointed to see yet another NDP Throne Speech with no new ideas and no real solutions to tackle problems like crime, the economy and the challenges facing healthcare in Manitoba. On the topic of crime, Attorney General Andrew Swan has called a news conference for later today, where he is expected to discuss plans for additional legislation to take on organized crime and will launch a multi-media advertisement encouraging youth to stay out of gangs. There was also the announcement in the Speech to assist the Winnipeg Police Service in acquiring a helicopter at some point.

The Speech also touched on a issue that has come up again in the news, which is the HST (harmonized sales tax). Premier Greg Selinger said introducing the HST won’t happen, because Manitobans would have to foot the $400 million bill.

Other highlights:

  • Investing in new projects such as the Polar Bear Conservation Centre and Exhibit to launch the Assiniboine Park
  • Providing portions of tuition rebate up front for post-secondary education students
  • Phasing in an adult fitness tax credit
  • Introducing new legislative tools to stop gangs such as giving the province a stronger role in denying or revoking licences of businesses that are a front for gangs

Without breaking tradition, an artillery salute took place outside the Legislative Building as Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba Philip Lee made his way over from Government House to read the Speech.


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