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Manitoba Outlines New Anti-Gang Strategy

December 1, 2009 10:30 AM | News

Law Courts Gavel ScalesThe Manitoba government introduced a plan for new anti-gang legislation Tuesday, along with a new campaign to discourage youth from joining gangs.

“Addressing organized crime defies simple solutions and requires action at every level through suppression, intervention and prevention,” Attorney General Andrew Swan said.

Anti-gang legislation being drafted now will:

  • Make the use of gang armoured vehicles, now being seen in other provinces, illegal here.
  • Through amendments to the Civil Remedies Against Organized Crime Act, allow the provincial government to apply to the courts to revoke or not issue licences to businesses serving as fronts for gangs.
  • Create a statutory list of criminal organizations that can be used under provincial legislation to eliminate the need to repeatedly prove in court that particular gangs are criminal organizations. Manitoba has previously urged the federal government to make similar amendments to the Criminal Code.

As expected, the multi-media advertising campaign will discourage at-risk youth from becoming involved with the gang lifestyle. The campaign will include a television commercial, website (www.stayoutofgangs.ca), posters and interior transit ads.

The legislation isn’t in place just yet, and is still in the process of being drafted.

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