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Globalive Launches New Canadian Wireless Carrier

December 16, 2009 7:08 AM | News

WIND MobileLess than a week after getting the green light from the Canadian government to enter the wireless market, WIND Mobile will unveil its products, phone plans and stores later today.

Globalive — the company behind WIND Mobile — put out multiple press releases Monday announcing the opening of its first store in Toronto and a partnership with Blockbuster Canada. WIND Mobile will also sell products at three Blockbuster locations in Calgary as of Wednesday.

The wireless carrier has been hit with criticism from some of its competitors, citing that it violates Canadian-ownership rules. However, WIND Mobile says it plans to aggressively compete with Bell, Rogers and Telus to provide Canadians an alternative to long contracts and overpriced rate plans. Some have also speculated on the failure of a product launch at Blockbuster, as the video retailer has closed hundreds of their stores over the last few years — mainly due to movie buffs turning to PVRs and the Internet instead.

There are already some rumoured data and talk plans floating around online for the new cell provider, but everything will be officially revealed today.

There isn’t any word yet on when we can expect a store in Winnipeg, but a spokesperson sounded promising by telling ChrisD.ca that it will happen “in due time.”

But, if the iPhone is what you’re looking for, you may want to stick with Rogers or Telus. WIND says they will carry the BlackBerry, but not the iPhone.

UPDATE: All voice and data plans have now been posted.