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Northwest City Residents to Receive Automated Garbage Carts

January 8, 2010 1:25 PM | News

Residents in the northwest area of the city will begin receiving carts for automated garbage collection on Monday, the city said Friday.

There are about 42,000 dwellings on the list to receive the carts before February 2 — when the program begins.

The automated collection will be based on the five-day collection calendar:

Day 1 — February 2
Day 2 — February 3
Day 3 — February 11
Day 4 — February 12
Day 5 — February 16

Detailed information will accompany the new carts, including how to properly position them for pickup, how to maintain the cart and winter care tips.

The city has been looking at a similar program to handle recycling, which hasn’t come without severe public scrutiny.

The new garbage carts are expected to be city-wide by 2013. The move follows a seven-year contract with BFI Canada that was approved in October 2009.

More information on the carts can be found at Winnipeg.ca/waterandwaste.

UPDATE: The city is investigating options for a program on curb-side pick-up of leaves, yard waste and organics.