Haiti Earthquake Relief: Utilizing Social Media to Help

By Sarah Klein

World Vision is rallying together Canadians by using social media to encourage donations toward the relief efforts in Haiti.

A number of initiatives have been set up, including the ability to donate via text message on all mobile carriers. Texting the word WORLD to 45678 will send a $5.00 donation.

A “Pass It On” campaign has also been launched, which asks Canadians to join the World Vision Facebook group and donate $10.00.

You can also follow World Vision president Dave Toychen on Twitter (@WVCentralCanada), where he’s tweeting from the ground in Haiti while accessing relief needs. World Vision Canada also has a general feed (@worldvisioncan) you can follow for updates.

These are just some of the ways you can help. See a list of additional charities accepting donations to help those Haiti.




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