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Twenty Five Years of Well-Tailored Suits for Winnipeg Boutique

February 3, 2010 6:10 AM | News

25 years in the suit business is a milestone for one Winnipeg tailor who started out in Rome.

Serafino Falvo would have never imagined at this point he’d be celebrating a clothing line and a reputation as one of the finest tailors in North America. Years of expertise and a meticulous eye for style, Falvo’s family-owned Corydon Avenue boutique is booming.

Serafino Falvo Tailors contributes its long-term success to filling a niche that never goes out of style: the high-end tailor.

Importing fabrics from Europe and ignoring the lower-quality Asian import materials is where the quality comes from in the merchandise the boutique sells.

“My vision is to educate young consumers on how to identify a good quality suit, and to encourage them to see a tailored suit as an investment and something to be proud of,” Serafino says. “My greatest satisfaction is seeing a customer try on their suit for the first time — especially if they have never worn a tailored suit made from quality fabrics — it is why I still love what I do as much now as I did 25 years ago.”

Sarafino worked for some of the best tailors and clothing companies in Great Britain, South Africa and Australia before coming to Canada. Winnipeg wasn’t his first destination, though. He and his wife, Paola, a dressmaker, intended to settle in Montreal in 1974, but decided on Winnipeg after visiting family here and falling in love with the city. Serafino became the master tailor for Eaton’s exclusive Pine Room in downtown Winnipeg. He remained there for 11 years and continued fine-tuning his sartorial skills.

In February 1985, Serafino and and his wife fulfilled their dream and opened up their tailoring business.

Image credit: SerafinoFalvo.com

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