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Big Crowds Attend First Weekend of Festival du Voyageur

February 15, 2010 7:55 AM | Photos

Hé Ho! About a dozen people took part in a giant sash-making activity Saturday at Voyageur Park (above) for Festival du Voyageur. The multi-coloured ropes were weaved in and out based on letters assigned to participants. The finished product was a traditional looking sash of mega proportions. Many other fun activities took place during the festival’s first weekend, including musical performances by Sierra Noble and Eagle & Hawk.

If you’re worried about missing the 2010 Vancouver Olympics while at the festival, organizers have accommodated sports fans by showing the CTV Olympic broadcast at the snow bar. It was quite the popular destination over the weekend, with festival-goers holding cold ones in-hand to cheer on our Canadian athletes.

As always, the winter festival draws tourists from all over, including these Minnesota beauties we showed you on Saturday. “It’s my first time here,” Randall Dreger of Minot, North Dakota said Sunday. “I’ve heard about it before, but have never had the chance to come out here until this year.”

Entertainment and cultural displays kept things busy all weekend, with more folks expected to attend today for Louis Riel Day. Last year’s February holiday saw droves of people attend the festival, with lineups all the way out tent doors across Voyageur Park.

For a complete guide of what’s happening visit FestivalVoyageur.mb.ca.

View the photo gallery below from the first few days of action.

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