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CTV’s Lloyd Robertson Squashes Retirement Rumours

February 16, 2010 1:15 PM | News

Legendary “CTV National News” anchor Lloyd Robertson was rumoured to be retiring after the 2010 Vancouver Olympics wrap up in a few weeks. According to a blog post on Macleans.ca Tuesday morning — that sourced former CTV reporter David Akin — Robertson was to meet with CTV brass on March 3 to resign.

But Tuesday afternoon, Robertson went on Vancouver radio station CKNW and said it’s simply not true. “This stuff floats around on the Internet,” he said.

Robertson, 76, has worked at CTV since 1976, earning the title of ‘most trusted news anchor’ in Canada.

Macleans suggested a two-person team of Tom Clark and Lisa LaFlamme would take over for Robertson, but eventually dwindle down to only one anchor who attracts the most audience attention.

Glad he isn’t going anywhere, although, seeing Clark and LaFlamme battle it out would have been interesting. Not to mention how Sandie Rinaldo would have played into things.