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Canada Ranked Second Laziest Country in the World

February 18, 2010 6:36 AM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

Man watching tv in swimming pool, drinking beer

New data from the website TheDailyBeast.com reports Canada is the second laziest country in the world; second to the United States. A number of factors are used to place countries in their proper category of shame. How many calories the average citizen burns per day, to how many hours of television and Internet usage is consumed each month all helps to sort out where the countries stand.

Canada ranks near the top of the list because of our cold weather and consumption of hot chocolate to stay warm. As for Internet usage, the ranking suggests Canadians spent 43 hours online in December, according to ComScore. That seems a bit on the low end, especially if you have a job which requires you to sit in front of computer for 8+ hours per day.

Many may not be surprised that the U.S. is ranked #1 in the lazy category, especially with events like the Wing Bowl in Philadelphia and the historic Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York City. All that fatty food consumption and addiction to television has earned U.S. the embarrassing title.

As for the least laziest? That would be Switzerland, which came in at #24. Moderate food consumption, dancing in the streets, and little time spent watching TV or surfing the Internet all helps the country to be a role model to the rest of the world. Sweden came in at #23, and New Zealand ranked #22.

BTW, the photo used in this post is of an American male.