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Winnipeg Humane Society Transfers Puppies to Edmonton

February 23, 2010 7:30 AM | News

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Twenty one puppies from the Winnipeg Humane Society now have a temporary new home in Alberta.

The pups were transferred to the Edmonton Humane Society to give them a second chance at finding a home. The WHS has been having a hard time lately placing animals in the care of loving homes here in Winnipeg, and they are overwhelmed with the amount of animals in their care.

The dogs were picked up by EHS volunteers Sandy and Les Raubenheimer this past weekend, who drove about 1,700 km to make the trip.

The animals were all spayed and neutered before leaving Winnipeg, but still require standard medical and behaviour testing before they can be adopted. The dogs should be available in a few days and will appear on EdmontonHumaneSociety.com when they’re ready to go.