Former Jets Players Take on Media in Game of Shinny

Members of the Winnipeg media will try to play hockey against former Winnipeg Jets players this Saturday at The Forks.

Old school rules will be in effect, meaning seven players on each team, no forward passing, and no goalies going down. The game of shinny will happen between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. at the Historic Port skating rink.

Former Jets include Russ Romaniuk, Jordy Douglas, Carey Wilson, Wayne Babych, Gordie Tumilson, Bob Fitcher, Rick Loeb, Mike Ford and Gerard McDonald. Media members will be Ace Burpee, Joe Pascucci, Dave Wheeler, Ross Romaniuk, Ken Wiebe and Peter Jordan.

Post-game festivities celebrating Gordie Tumilson’s project “Remembering the Jets” will take place at Muddy Waters.

Who do you think is the best hockey player on the media team?




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